[Event] Equine Posture Clinic with Dutch Henry | June 21-23, 2019 | Meadow Creek Mountain Ranch

[Event] Equine Posture Clinic with Dutch Henry | June 21-23, 2019

May 6, 2019



Limited to 10 horse and human teams, this exciting event will teach you how to increase your bond and create a deeper connection between you and your horse. You’ll also improve your seat, communication, and posture in the saddle, while learning to feel  and “hear” your horse through a series of easy to do exercises that will help your horse relax, release tension, and maintain a proper and healthy posture. 

You will end this clinic with a deeper understanding and connection with your horse than you ever imagined possible – ready to pursue any discipline. 

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Each day will begin promptly at 8:00am, and will end at 5:00pm. Lingering discussion is welcome! After 5:00pm, private sessions with Dutch Henry are available. Please contact the event organizers to schedule.

Friday, June 21st

Enjoy a discussion and Q&A with Dutch Henry over a delicious dinner at Meadow Creek Mountain Ranch
Saturday, June 22nd

We’ll begin with a discussion and Q&A session with Dutch over breakfast, followed by hands-on introduction to proper barefoot hoof care and trimming as well as “Basic Exercises”. 

We’ll break for lunch at the on-site Crazy Horse Cafe at MCMR with more discussion, followed by an afternoon session of groundwork and deeper “Stationary Exercises”

We’ll then move on to hands-on introduction to “Exercises in Motion”. We’ll end the day with more discussion, questions, and answers.

Sunday, June 23rd

We’ll start the day with another delicious breakfast at the Crazy Horse Cafe (located on-site) along with discussion, questions, and answers with Dutch. Following breakfast, we’ll continue with “Exercises in Motion” and why they matter.

After lunch, we’ll dive into “Exercises in the Saddle” including finding your neutral seat, and how your posture (or lack of it) effects your horse’s posture, health, and self-confidence. We’ll end the day with a discussion.

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Equipment Needed

Please bring your regular riding tack – PLUS – halters (not rope halters) wand (such as a Dressage wand) and long lunge rope.


Auditors, we promise you will learn many things about yourself and your horse that will forever change your relationship. Mark your calendar and be sure to be a part of the fun!

Book Signing

All of Dutch’s books will be available for purchase and signing at break times and evenings. Each clinic attendee (excluding auditors) will receive a free autographed copy of “It’s for the Horses: an advocate’s musings about their needs, spirit gifts, and care” by Dutch!

Lodging Options

MCMR is a full service equestrian-centered retreat facility featuring a variety of lodging opportunities to suit every taste. From RV hookups and tent camping sites, to our hotel-style lodge and private cabins, there is something for everyone! Your horse will enjoy our 20 stall barn and ample turn-out space for exercise. After the event, stay a while and hit our beautiful trails that wind through the Cherokee National Forest!

Lodging options can be purchased as part of your package, or separately. For questions, simply reach out to our event organizers at the info below.


Meals may be included as part of your package. If you’re staying in our 6 bedroom hotel style lodge, you’ll also have access to a shared full kitchen and dining/living space if you’d like to prepare your own meals.

Cancellation Policy

Full refund available if cancelled before May 22nd, 2019. A credit will be issued for future use at MCMR if cancelled after May 22nd, 2019

How to Register

To register for this event, purchase your tickets, auditor passes, lodging, and stall board (or use of one of our horses) online or get in touch with our event organizers.To take advantage of the Early Bird Registration period, use the code EARLYBIRD10 at checkout. Valid only on full clinic passes (All Inclusive Package, Clinic + Meals Package, and Clinic Only Package) Early Bird Registration ends on May 22nd, 2019 at midnight.

You may also reserve your spot with a 50% deposit on your chosen package. Early Bird discounts do not apply. To reserve your spot, please contact:

Linda at MCMR
(423) 623-7543

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horseAbout Dutch Henry

My clinics are a learning time to provide horse caregivers with knowledge and tools to help their horses gain, or regain and promote self confidence, self awareness, proper posture and body carriage. All these things are important in a horse’s health both mental and physical. We do this through a series of easy to learn, and do, exercises that relax and release and reconnect the horse to its mobility. We also cover proper barefoot hoof care and trimming, as all posture begins in the foot.


We begin with discussion of proper, healthy barefoot trimming as the foot is the very foundation of proper posture (and often I’ll do an example maintenance trim). Next the very basic stationary exercises and gradually progress to exercises in motion and may end with a few in the saddle. Of extreme importance in the clinic is a series I call “pre-ride” and I believe some or all of these should be done every time before riding, they take only minutes.


While this clinic is not about training, the lessons on communication learned by attendees will deepen the bond felt by horse and person. Attendees will gain a deeper understanding and connection with their horse than they may have ever imagined possible—ready to pursue any discipline, with softness, confidence and a new perspective on their relationship.


Having had the honor and privilege of working for a number of years rehabilitating Tennessee Walking Horses with my mentor Diane Sept, a Senior Certified Connected Riding® Instructor, I learned from her, and the horses, many things. Among them the techniques of Peggy Cummings’ Connected Riding and Groundwork® and Linda Tellington-Jones’ Tellington TTouch®. They are the foundation for everything in my clinic.


My clinic is all about helping horses and their people reach a level of connection they may not have imagined possible, by giving to the horse. I’m devoted to horses of all breeds, shapes, sizes and disciplines.

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